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Well I decided to make the move from to after having a conversation with a friend of mine @SarahFields. I started my blog in 2005 under the domain and quickly switched to iJerad.Com toward the end of 2005. In late 2006 there were some other people who had used similar domain names. I should have thought about the fact that many Apple enthusiasts would come up with the same idea. It was not an original idea on my part. A couple of those people became quite popular namely iJustine and iJustin. Both of which have done an excellent job getting noticed. I just don’t think there is room in the world for an iJerad, plus I am not trying to brand myself as iJerad and the last thing I would want would be that. I am branding myself as a Photographer and Web Designer.

I decided to make the switch on the spot and I think it is a good switch. This is more in line with my branding. Lastly, after thinking about it, this is the best decision. If I had opened a coffee shop in my town and called it Starbucks, but did not bother protecting my brand, somebody else could come in and take my brand away from me. I feel that I am respecting others who have done a much better job at branding that name by changing my blog url. Hope I don’t confuse to many people by this change.


  1. smart move. ijerad is trendy which will eventually die out.. JeradHill is never going to go out of style.. haha we hope at least. 🙂

  2. Good move I can understand the want of having your own brand

  3. Good thinking. After all, the only thing that you should care about, is having a solid and respectful name (in business and personal life), and the only way to get that is building it.


    Jorge Avila

  4. Author

    Thanks friends. Your words make me feel more secure about my decision. I appreciate you taking time to comment.

  5. That’s cool. The switch makes sense. Where do I go to locate the accordion podcast?

  6. Hi Jared, I was l am new to photoshop and to photography. I am trying to learn more about photography and photoshop and I saw your video on YouTube. Your videos are very helpful, with your help I might not panic about doing poorly in my photography class!

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