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October 2017 Side Income Report

October 2017 Side Income Report

I did mention last month that October was going to see a decrease in side income revenue. To recap, this is due to my inability to put much time into the below-listed channels. In August and early September, Hill Media Group saw an influx in new business, which left me with little time to work on my side-income channels. With that said, it is cool to see that I can take my eye off of these channels and still have some income from them. I recognize that I can not ignore them forever, but a month here or there is not going to kill them off.

Next month will show some growth due to the holidays approaching. Much of my content revolves around technology and photography gear so people often look for content to help make purchase decisions. I don’t see having much time in November to work on content but I am going to try to get a few things out at least.

October 2017 side income total – $2359.31 (-3.56%)


  • StateOfTech – $822.89 (-9.53%) Subscribers: 20156 (+4.35%)
    This YouTube channel is part mobile technology review videos and part tech tutorial videos.
  • Ditch Auto – $338.48 (-3.15%) Subscribers: 18199 (+5.64)
    This YouTube channel is similar to StateOfTech but for Photography. The videos that perform well are reviews and tutorials.
  • Jerad Hill – $38.38 (+17.66%) Subscribers: 4583 (+0.31%)
    This is my personal channel which I do not post too often. I do plan to do a lot more on my personal channel in the near future. I am just trying to decide what I want my focus to be there.

Amazon Affiliate

  • Amazon Product Links – $388.10 (-26.46%)
    We have not put out much content that includes product links so I don’t expect much growth here until Christmas shopping begins.

Google Adsense

  • Google Adsense links/display – $75.63 (-30.6%)
    I cut some of the fat on a couple of my websites which will initially produce a decrease in traffic. I deleted a lot of content that I did not feel was relevant anymore. Many of these pages would generate a click or two here and there from organic search, but I deleted it all so that the search engines could focus on crawling quality content.


  • Paid courses on Udemy – $11.83 (+100%)
    I only have one paid course currently and that course is getting old. It needs to be refreshed. I have plans later this month to get new courses out that will be paid and to revise a couple of my existing courses to drive some return traffic to my instructor page.

Other Income

  • Other monthly revenue streams from side work – $688 (+32.82%)
    I turned off a couple of sources of this other income that I did not plan to maintain any longer. These sources really only brought in $20-75 per source and took an average of 3 hours per source. Not a good return on invested time, so they are gone.

Going into the holidays, things tend to slow down a bit. I hope that as the end of the year approaches that I will have extra time to work on content. Another area I plan to spend time in research is cryptocurrency. I have been watching Bitcoin since it’s inception and have had a lot of interest in mining. Perhaps mining will become another side-income channel in the future.

Check out the September 2017 financials.

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