On Blogging About Family

My wife has been blogging more often than I. I enjoy reading her blogs because she blogs about our family. Starting a family has been the biggest thing I have ever done and the most exciting. I have experienced so much as a Dad and feel I lack a place to express it. I love to post photos and stories about my experienced but I often keep them short and use Facebook as the vehicle for those discussions. Now I have decided that I think my website would make for a much better place. Even though I enjoy the “timeline” aspect of Facebook, I feel that I am archiving a lot of my life and experiences into a platform that could be a ghost town one day. This blog has been around longer than Facebook has and I hope it will be around long after Facebook is gone. I plan to post more about my life as a husband, father and follower of Jesus on my blog. I believe that this will give those who are not Facebook friends more of a look into my life. I pride myself in being an entrepreneur who sees his kids every morning before leaving for work and is home in time to enjoy a family dinner at the dinner table every night. My mindset is the exact opposite of the standard by which most entrepreneurs live their lives.

Today I am creating a new category on my blog, “Family.” I wish I had decided to do this sooner. It would be nice to have had blogs over the last 2 years of my oldest son’s life.

This should be fun and highly enjoyable.

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