Ordered a new fixie

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I did it, finally after months of fretting over what to get, where to get it from and how much to spend. Deciding to order a fixed gear bike also saved me a bunch of money. I’m sure in the future, probably near, I will purchase a road bike. The Central Valley is pretty flat and a fixed gear bike will do just fine. A friend of mine has a fixed gear bike and rides it everywhere, part of my inspiration for wanting a fixie is because I totally dig his bike.

So I ordered a 2009 Motobecane Messenger from BikesDirect.Com. Anybody have any experience ordering from them? I ordered the bike in Orange, because I didn’t like the red and am not really into black frames. I used to bike a lot when I was younger. Whenever I had a black frame, I would crash a lot.

Here are two images from their website:

Can’t wait for it to get here.

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