OS X 10.9.3 Issue: How to fix the blurry image display

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After upgrading my Macbook Pro to OS X software update 10.9.3, I instantly had an issue with my display. I have a monitor connected to my Macbook Pro that I use at my office. I connect the monitor using a mini displayport cable which I plugin to the thunderbolt port on my Macbook Pro. After the update, my screen appeared blurry. I could not figure out what was causing it because the menu for my monitor appeared sharp but my display was blurry.

The 10.9.3 update included additional support for 4K displays. Though my display is a Asus PA279 Pro Art display which has a max resolution of 2560×1440, this update seemed to cause issues with the way I had my display configured.

Here is what I did to fix the blurry image. I went into my monitor settings and changed the color mode from Standard to sRGB Mode. Most monitors should have this setting. You can toggle through the mode options to see what works best for your monitor. Alternatively, you could also recalibrate your monitor using a calibration tool if you have such a thing. I actually do have one, but have not gone as far as that yet.

This fix, worked for me.


I had the same problem when updating a Mac Mini which was connected to an Asus 27″ monitor. I had to change the color mode to sRGB and it fixed the issue.


  1. Thanks for sharing your solution (although it did not seem to work for me). I changed my color mode (i’m using a big Dell U3014 monitor) at “best for display” resolution. I noticed this blurriness right after upgrading to OS X 10.9.3 as well. Switching to sRGB had no effect on blurriness, only on colors. I even calibrated the display, and the blurriness remains.

    **Update:** The solution for me was to use the monitor settings (using the actual buttons on the display itself) to set “sharpness” to 50%. Before updating OS X, sharpness 50% meant ghosting around text and artificially enhanced contrast, which is highly annoying and undesirable to me (I work as a front-end web developer and sometimes as a designer, so this would be extremely misleading). Now, 50% sharpness means “don’t blur the screen OR artificially enhance it.” So weird!

    Feel free to promote this into your article itself, Jerad. (Consider a link to alanhogan.com as attribution if you want.) Thanks again.

  2. This is not a real fix actually, it just gathers the blur by adding in artefacts. While this may work for lurkers this is bad advice for people who do any editing of video, photo or graphics for print or web.

  3. In my case it was the RGB cable to Thunderbolt adapter. Fiddled with it, pushed the plug and adapter together… ghosting gone.

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