Our Desire to be Accepted

Why don’t we just celebrate the fact that we are all human and created equal instead of lifting up each others differences in hopes for acceptance and/or recognition? I don’t care if you came here from a different country, are gay, of any religion, are a woman, have more/less of an education than I do, have any other differentiating features from myself, have different beliefs than I do or feel that you have been set apart from what would be considered normal. You were built the same as I was, we are the same. Society and/or technology may tell you that we have differences but our core fibers are the same. You will never get special treatment from me because you desire to associate yourself as something different than I am. You are not different, you are the same and most likely would not plan to return the favor by lifting me up for being the way I am. We were created equal, I believe equally created in God’s image (Genesis 1:27). Our Declaration of Independence, here in the USA, even states of our equality. The only reason you feel different is because you allowed yourself to either associate with or be told by someone that you were different and the only thing that makes me sad is that you believed it. Does that mean I am against accepting each other’s differences? No, I already accept our differences because I understand and recognize why we believe we are different in the first place (if you want to know how I know this, I am more than willing to provide my reasoning offline). Many of you will read this and assume I am closed minded, a typical conservative, a bigot or a brainwashed Christian but you are wrong. It is your close-mindedness that keeps you from seeing past your desire to be accepted as something different than I am. Until you realize and accept that we are the same, you will never be happy. I support fighting for equal rights as citizens of this country, because we are the same and deserve those rights. God does not love me any more or less than he loves you, so why would I allow myself to see you any different than I see myself? If/when I do, please bring it to my attention. I am not perfect.

Let’s not take this post out of context or go off on any tangents. Just know that you and I are the same. The only difference is how we allowed ourselves to believe otherwise.

Does that mean that we have to appreciate the same things? No. We all gravitate toward different likes and dislikes. Does that mean that I am ok with everything you do? No it does not, but just because you do things differently than I do does not mean you or I should receive any special treatment on Earth. It is not my job, or my right to condemn you for your decisions.

What prompted this post? I’m not as tired of people feeling they should be celebrated for being different as I am tired of companies feeling they need to let everybody know how much they accept people’s differences. For the most part, companies are companies and want to sell to you, so who cares what they think. Unless a company flat out says, we don’t want to do business with “insert societal differentiating factor here,” who cares.

Do with this what you will. Some of you will think I’m just another a**hole. My hope is that some of you will realize that you are greater than the trivial things you have put all of your identity in to.

There is no hate here, only acceptance.

Jerad out. and by out, I mean I’m going to get Vietnamese food for lunch.

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