OWN it when people search your name!

I have just added a not yet complete list of social networks that I belong to. I say not yet because I know there are many that I have not listed yet and many yet to come that I will join and list. If you are trying to get noticed then you need to be rockin it on every social network you can. You will never find your best fit if you do not do this. I know it is hard to keep up with everything, your Facebook is probably to much to manage. There are tools out there like and to help you with that. is a service that allows you to post status updates, mini blogs or links to all of your social networks. They support many of the most popular services that allow for status updates. Update your Myspace, Facebook, Twitter and more all at once with

Friendfeed pulls in all of your info from many of the popular social networks and creates a feed of that info. My favorite function of Friendfeed is it’s ability to grab your latest posts from your blog and post them to your Twitter account. I also have Friendfeed pull my latest updates to Flickr so my Twitter followers know when I have uploaded new images.

You may be asking yourself why anybody would want to spread themselves so far across the interweb? Well I want to build brand equity in my name as a wedding photographer and business person. I am doing that on a local level and also on a national level. The nice thing about all of the social possibilities on the web is that 99% of them are free to use. Go ahead, Google my name, type in Jerad Hill and click search. Notice how I OWN it when you Google my name. If you are serious about getting noticed then you need to OWN it as well. If you have a common name then you really need to step it up. Here are some suggestions that will help you OWN it when it comes to searching your name on the internet.

1. Buy
You need to go out right now and purchase the domain name for your name. If you do not own the domain name for your name you need to get on it now! Click here for some coupon codes to save you money on registration. It only costs you $6.95. Do it now! I don’t care if it just sits there for now, buy it, so when you can do something with it, you have it.

2. Start blogging yesterday
You may think you don’t have something to say to the world but I know you do. Start out by blogging about your hobby or something. I used to blog about Bible Studies I did. I used to have a daily podcast where I discussed topics on Christian Life. I loved doing it and I may even start doing it again. What it did was get my feet wet and teach me about the world of blogging and podcasting.

3. Read the blogs of others and comment
Find blogs that interest you and comment on blog posts. You should spend at least 30 minutes a day reading blogs and then commenting your thoughts on those blog posts. You will learn something and then you will also be communicating with the author. Your response will be archived and available for others to see, plus you can link to your website. This will direct people to your website if they find what you said interesting.

4. Be Interesting
You may think that nothing about your life is exciting but you are wrong. You have something exciting to for somebody out there to read about. Blog about your life, business and whatever else excites you. Talk about your business conquests and failures. Be Real!!! I can not stress that enough, BE REAL! We are now in an age where authenticity is king. Be real everywhere, on your Facebook, Myspace… Everywhere. People will find you out if you are fake. It is much easier to be real then to be fake.

Share your thoughts. How do you OWN it online?

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