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Hey, yes it is here. In the next few hours I will be posting the first of many to come Jerad’s Links video which showcase some of the great links I come across through out the week. You can also see some of my links by viewing my link bar on the right hand side of this blog website. Check back soon for the video!! Jerad


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Spent the evening hanging out with some friends over at Austin’s house. We had a nice little bonfire going. Before we went to Austin’s house, Austin, Erik and I went downtown and ate at Fuzio’s which sucked. I had never been there before because everybody told me the food was nothing to brag about, well they were all right. It was not horrible but I would have rather had a …

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So I am using my Treo full time now instead of my Nextel phone which has been amazing but there was one thing lacking with the Treo that I needed. An Alarm… So I googled Treo Alarm and I found TreoAlarm.Com. Not only does this program work as an alarm on a Palm Treo but it gives updated 5 day forcasts. It allows to set multiple alarm settings. This is …