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    Aftermarket Nerf Darts Hurt

    Nerf Darts can get expensive so I went to eBay to order them in bulk. Little did I know that I would be getting extremely hard nerf darts that felt more…

  • Five Tips for New Entrepreneurs

    Five Tips for New Entrepreneurs

    Starting a new business is tough, scary, and kind of lonely. It takes a lot of work to turn an idea into something that makes you money. Many new business owners…

  • How Freelancing Changed My Life

    How Freelancing Changed My Life

    Before I even knew what Freelancing was, I was freelancing. I have always worked on the side. I wanted to build something of my own. Freelancing meant being able to set…

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    How To Grow a YouTube Channel to Monetize in 2018

    YouTube just changed the monetization standards for new and existing YouTube channels. To monetize your YouTube channel you now must have 1000 subscribers and over 4,000 hours of viewed content in…

  • January 2018 Side Income Report

    January 2018 Side Income Report

    The winds are a-changin’. This January was what I will call a Unicorn Month. A Unicorn Month is a month where things were definitely out of the ordinary. I am always…

  • 5 Tips for Recovering From Failure

    5 Tips for Recovering from Failure

    Failure is a part of life. What counts is how we rebound from failure. We must accept it, but we can’t let it define us. In today’s video, I discuss how…

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