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  • Disrupting My Own Life

    Disrupting My Own Life

    Most of us strive for comfort. I know I have. Our society is full of comforts and panderings to the smallest of inconveniences. As human beings, we don’t like pain, so…

  • Bro Wash Your Face - Dude Wash Your Face

    Dude, Wash Your Face!

    I read a lot of non-fiction and often suggest books to my wife, who is not so keen on non-fiction books. The motivational and self-help shelves have blown up over the…

  • Raising Tech-Wise Kids

    Raising Tech-Wise Kids

    I have been wanting to write on the topic of raising tech-wise kids in this technology age we live in for a while but have struggled to gather my thoughts so…

  • Blog

    Parenting Is Not For The Weak

    I’ve been a dad now for a little bit over eight years. I have three kids. Two are boys, and the youngest is a girl. I absolutely love my kids and…

  • Too Much Stuff

    I’m Raising Material Obsessed Children

    I was pretty lucky growing up. My life was not perfect, but I had a roof over my head in a nice neighborhood. I remember having things, but not too many…

  • Blog

    3 Questions to Ask Before Building Passive Income

    Hey, what’s up? It’s Jerad with Practically Passive, and today we’re going to talk about three questions to ask yourself before you pursue passive income revenue growth. I think the mindset…

  • Blog

    Your First Passive Income Revenue Stream

    Hey. It’s Jerad with practically passive, and I wanted to talk about how to find your first passive income revenue stream. Now the reason I titled this video this way is…

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