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The other day I was praying asking God to send a little business my way cause this month had been slow so far. Last month I had that major setback down in LA I blogged about on myspace. I had a few things pending with a few people who I did not think were to serious but turns out they all were and they all wanted to meet this evening. I was all over the place this afternoon and evening. Now I have enough work to keep me busy for the next 2 weeks which is cool. God does work and he works fast. I was ready to be patient and wait out Gods plan for this situation and he provided. Its awesome because I know I do not deserve His help at all but He always gives it to me. All the stuff that I was suppose to sell down in Riverside last month I prayed about also. If I can get rid of it all I want to donate some of the money I make back off of it. I will not say where because I want the donation to be between me and the receipient party. After my setback I was to the point where if only someone would give me some pocket change they could come take it all but I think that if God can help rid me of all of it I can really help out a situation I know needs a boost. Praise God for His perfect timing…

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