Podcast: Social Networking Do’s and Dont’s

Social networking has given businesses a new way of marketing. It has given business people the ability to reach more people with little or no investment. Since social networks have hit the mainstream they have been used to market to the users of those communities. These social networks are free to join and free to access their users to market to. The problem with this is that people take advantage of people and break the typical social rules that we have when it comes to marketing to people.

Personally, I am ok with people suggesting products or services to me if they are intending on doing it to save me from making a mistake. In social networking, a Facebook wall is essentially the same as two people talking to each other face to face. In real life, when two people are talking and someone interrupts that conversation to market to you, it’s considered rude. In this podcast I talk about some social networking tips but also things to avoid doing when attempting to communicate with people about products and services online.

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