Rock at Facebook with these 3 Google Chrome Extensions

Facebook ends up taking a lot of time out of our day. For the most part we don’t mind. We want to stay connected with those around us. It’s important to us. However, we end up frustrated at the amount of time it takes to “stay connected” with our peers. Google Chrome, which is a web browser that Google launched a while back has some amazing extensions that can help you interact with Facebook quicker and more effectively.

I have found that I only spend as much time on Facebook as it takes to look at new posts, images and/or videos. Once I have seen “whats new” with my friends, I move on and productivity usually goes back up. Using these Google Chrome Extensions I have been able to do this in less time and with far less clicks than before.

All of these extensions require you to have downloaded and installed the free Google Chrome browser. I like this browser a lot and use it now instead of Firefox. I find it to be much faster. Download Google Chrome for Mac or PC.

Facebook for Google Chrome
An awesome interface that you can access from your tool bar. It gives you recent news, wall posts, notifications and messages. You can access this at any time from the toolbar with out having Facebook open. Anything you click on in this extension will open up in a browser window if necessary. It’s a great way to get access to whats going on with your friends with out bouncing through browser windows or tabs.

Download Facebook for Google Chrome

Here is an image of what it looks like in Google Chrome logged into my Facebook Account.

Click image to view large.

Facebook Photo Zoom
I have been using Facebook Photo Zoom for a while now and love it. No longer do I have to click on an image thumbnail to view it large in the photo album. I can just mouse over the image and it grows to full size. Its simple and amazing.

Download Facebook Photo Zoom

Here is an image of me mousing over a thumbnail and it showing up full size.

Click image to view large.

Facebook Share
Facebook Share makes it easy for you to share things you find on the web with your friends. When you are browsing a website, you click the Facebook Share icon in your toolbar and it opens a “post to wall” box that allows you to add a custom message and share that item on your wall. It works on any web page and you only have to be logged into Facebook.

One of the things I always hated was giving access to websites to post to my Facebook wall when I don’t really know or trust them. Now you don’t have to do that anymore.

Download Facebook Share.

Here is an image of me sharing an item to my Facebook wall from another website.

Click image to view large.

So now you can Rock at Facebook and keep productivity up at the same time. Always know what is going on because it is easier to check status’ with out going to different windows. Post to your wall with ease and share things you find online much easier.

There are many other Facebook related extensions for Google Chrome that allow you to further customize your experience. The three mentioned above I feel help me get things done quicker with Facebook and get back to work.

Hope this post helped you find a few new ways to experience Facebook!

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