Roundup of Articles from February 2013

These days I am posting to several different websites so I thought it would be nice to occasionally post a roundup of those articles for those interested.

February Articles on JeradHill.Com:

February Articles on my other websites:

How To Effectively Mobile Market – These days everybody has a smart phone in their hand and a constant connection to the internet. Reaching the mobile connected user has never been more important. Here are some ideas and best practices: Read the article

5 Reasons Your Business Should Use Pinterest – Pinterest is a great way to share what makes your business unique and fun. I use Pinterest to share things that I am interested in and create inspiration to keep my motivated. As a business, you can use Pinterest to connect with potential customers who have interests that your business is in line with. Read the article

Locked Vs Unlocked Smart Phones
Locked Vs Unlocked Smart Phones – Making the decision to go with a locked smart phone through a wireless provider vs. purchasing an unlocked device outside of a major carrier. – Read the article

Keep Your iPhone from Becoming a Distraction
Keep Your iPhone From Becoming A Distraction – With apps for everything, it is easy for our “Smart Devices” to become a distraction. Read about what I did to my device’s homescreen to prevent distraction with out having to delete all of my apps. Read the article

Google Nexus 4 Wireless Charger – Qi Inductive Charger – I review the new wireless charging dock from Google for the Nexus 4. Read the article


Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Smart Phone Review
– The Galaxy Note 2 is big, that should not come as a surprise to anybody, but is it too big? Read the review


HTC One X+ Smart Phone Review – I was excited to hear of the update to the HTC One X. I owned the first version of this phone and loved the look of the phone. It had been a long time since people had stopped me to ask what phone I was holding. Read the review


Speck Products Candyshell Grip Case for iPad Mini – I am a huge fan of the Speck Candyshell grip case. Since it’s release I have purchased it for each device I have used and continue to use it on my iPhone 5. As an iPad Mini case it is the perfect case for the casual user who wants a solid case for gaming, reading or watching movies on their iPad Mini. Read the review

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