I saved my son’s life

I saved my son's life

We decided to take our three kids to the snow. It turned out to be a quick snow day as a blizzard came in and froze our faces. Liam’s last sled run almost took him off a 15-foot drop. I forget how fast sleds go with little kids on them. Liam flew right by me and I took off running as I quickly realized his sled was not stopping anytime soon. If it was not for a last second grab of the sled, he would have slid right over the edge onto some rocks about 15 feet below. He was not as shaken up as I was.

Besides a near emergency, we had fun. Shortly after the last sled run, our kids were crying from the cold and we were ready to go. We spent 1.5 hours driving each way and about 30 minutes at the show. Such as it is with little ones. My knee took a beating during that slide to grab my son. My body does not bend that far these days.

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