Simple Steps to a Happy Life

Many things happen in life, these days it’s almost a daily occurrence. Each time we are faced with a new situation we make a decision to handle it in a certain way. Sometimes we handle it well and other times we let it bog us down. Personally, I can say that I have been through my fair share of adversity, most of it at my own hand, however I know that my ups and downs are small in comparison to what many others endure on a daily basis. Through the issues that I have had in life I have learned from each situation. Every pit I managed to get myself into would present a new chance for me to try to make the best of it while I endured and through that mindset managed to get myself out of it.

For the most part I consider myself a happy person, I am not perfect and I defiantly have discouraging days but overal I am very happy. I thought I share a few of the things I have found consistant in assuring I am not bogged down.

1. Caring for Yourself
Taking care of myself brings me joy. It is simple as that. Making sure I am in decent shape, eating as good as I can, getting rest, drinking plenty of water and making sure the doctor agrees with my efforts has always made me feel good, not only about myself but about everything around me.

2. Having Self Confidence
Living as transparent as possible is probably the best thing a person can do. Trying to be someone you are not is hard work and it wears on you. It is best to be real about what you like and do not like. Nobody likes someone who is fake, everybody admires someone who is real and honest. When you are real and honest about yourself and everything around you it is not hard to have self confidence, however it takes self confidence in order to be real and honest with others.

3. Taking Responsibility
People who are happy take responsibility for everything in their lives. They don’t make excuses, they understand why things happen to them and work on changing them for the better. Happy people recognize their moods, feelings, thoughts and actions. They admit when they have made a mistake.

4. Appreciate Everything
Make the most out of every situation. Try harder when you have the chance to. Focus on creation and beauty. Let the frustrations of life pass by. Recognize kindness when you experience it.

5. Be Smart About the People You Surround Yourself With
The people you surround yourself with will effect your happiness. If your friends are full of drama, you will be too. Consistently having to deal with their drama will drag you down. I see this all fo the time in people I know. I do my best to avoid getting caught up in it while making sure that they know I am there to listen if they need that.

6. Forgive People
Many people do not forgive because they can not get over what was done to them. The problem is that they do not remember all of the things they have done to others. I often think of the bible verse suggesting that one should remove the plank in their own eye before condemning others of theirs (Matthew 7:3-5). I know that I am no where near perfect and that others make mistakes. Sometimes those mistakes effect me. I will do what I need to do to prevent something happening to me again but holding a grudge will only make things worse. Take the time to forgive people, especially those who are close to you.

7. Mind Your Own Business
Our world is consumed with the lives of others. Reality TV shows are training people to be more concerned about the lives of others then our own lives. Concentrate on your own life and the lives of those you care about. Do not judge other people or the way that they do things. Avoid gossip and those who take part in it. You will find gossip everywhere, even the church. Everybody has their own right to do things the way they want to. Unsolicited advice is never welcome. Let the people around you know that you care with out judging them for their ways. All to often I witness someone getting involved in the issues of another only to have it backfire on them. Do your best to let people know that you care with out being judgmental or getting in the way.

8. Be Persistant
Every day presents new challenges. The attitude you chose will bring you closer or further from where you want to be. We are often at our happiest when we are pursuing something we care about. Take action! Learn what you need to know, acquire the skills necessary to make it happen.

9. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff
It isn’t going to kill me. That is what I always tell myself. So far I have been 100% correct about that. I’m sitting here typing this right? Life is to short to get caught up on the many inconveniences that come up. Every time something comes up I try my best to flip it into something more enjoyable, or I go take a nap. After the nap, it’s usually gone.

10. Laugh
This is pretty self explanatory. Surround yourself with people who make you laugh and smile. Listen to comedy, watch funny movies, do whatever you can to lighten situations.

Of course there are many things that can lead to happiness and everybody has advice to offer. Do what sounds right to you and listen to what your conscience tells you. Always remember to care for those around you.

I would love to hear what you have to add in regards to living a happy life.


  • Kevin Duncan
    October 14, 2010 at 7:34 am

    Thanks, Jerad. Fresh perspective on ‘stuff’ we all have in our lives. I especially like the Persistent advice. I continue to try making the best efforts in whatever I do and it does make me happier. Enjoy life.

  • Elaine
    January 5, 2011 at 4:28 pm

    You are a very smart young man and I am very proud of you. mom

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