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I didnt get home until about 1:30am. I went to Erik’s house where a bunch of us from church watched movies and ate. I spent most of the time in the kitchen talking cause they watched Clue , ehhh…… I had a great time though. I love fellowship. I was ready to go home like 5 times but just kept on talking with those who were still there at the late hour. Then one of them made a crack about how I will probably just be going home and getting on the computer anyway… How messed up is that. Oh wait, I guess this blog will get a time stamp… Well, not like I try to hide the fact that I prefer my computer over sleep. I was even a little excited cause I had my laptop at Eriks and they have wireless. I always hope for the best when I open up my laptop and see that a new network has been found, its better then Christmas morning when you see the tree with all the presents under it. Well I do have some important stuff going on closer to lunch time so I better get out of here.
peace out!!

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