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I wanted so bad to blog about small group on wednesday night but God totally had me caught up in an amazing convo with someone I met earlier in the week. It is so cool how God uses pain from my past to give as example for someone else. I hate to bring up the pain from my past cause it does cause me to relive it a little bit but it just reminds me how much grace was extended to me at that time and humbles me. Whatever this person chooses to do in their current situation I hope they remember that we are called to be patient. If something is meant to be then it will be acted out as Gods plan but we must submit to that and be patient in the process. Our flesh wants us to do what we think is best for us and it allows us to act on what we think God wants for us, but who are we to say that we have any clue as to what his plan is in our lives? The only thing that can happen through waiting and being patient is confirmation that you went about it according to Gods will. Even if the situation ends up the oposite way you wanted it to end up then you have that reasurance knowing that you acted according to His will thus rendering you blameless. If it does work out then you know that Gods will was acted out because you followed his word and through patience the most positive outcome is strength.

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