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Post College & Career Group Update

This is an update to all of you who have talked with me about the group for mid 20’s to early 30’s that I have been talking about starting. I have decided that I want to wait until the new Xrds Pastor gets to Big Valley. I want to include him in this as much as possible. At first I wanted to lead this small group and teach as well in it. I do not think I have any place to be doing that. Yes I have a lot of insight on life because of all that I have been through and done to date but I have came to notice one thing.

As a person teaches and leads anything wether it be a class, a ministry or even a small group there is a different relationship that the leader (teacher) has with the rest of the group then with those that are in it. This is the case mostly because we are raised with this authority figure person who is usually the one leading us or teaching us. We build better relationships with people who we are on a group or class level with then we do our teachers because of that mind set. It is hard to be a friend and a leader at the same time. I do not think I am ready to be that kind of person to people my own age. Not to say that everyone will take that angle from it but for the most part that is how things work out. Its not until later on in life do we come to recognize that we can respect a person as a leader/teacher and be a good friend with them at the same time.

What I want to do is run my idea by the new pastor and get him to lead the group. I think the group would benefit much more from having a pastor lead it then me. I have already had 10 people show a lot of interest in the group and I know there are more people waiting to hear more as well. I do not think I could lead a group of that size and give everybody the kind of attention I would want to as a leader. I hope that those of you who are looking forward to this group can understand where I am coming from and why I would decide that this is best.

I would love to talk about it with any of you who are/were intersted in the group. I had a whole study planned out for the group and have done a great deal of studying. I will continue to keep everyone updated on what is going on because I know several of you have had awesome convos with me about this group and its potential. Also please be praying about the idea of this group, we all know it is something much needed in our area. Maybe with a lot more prayer God will reveal to me more of His plan but as of right now I feel that this is where he wants me to be. It is kind of a humbling experience to pretty much tell everyone that I don’t think I would be the best person to lead this group but I do however think it would be awesome for those of us interested to be praying over the potential group and maybe even start meeting for some group prayer sessions.

Let me know what you all think. Much love,

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