Social Media in the Workplace – California Central Valley HDI

Tonight I gave a talk on Social Media to the California Central Valley HDI Chapter and students at Modesto’s Institute of Technology. It was an honor to have such a wide range of people to talk to. When surveying the members on what they wanted to hear about in regards to social media I received such a wide range of response I decided to try and cover as much of social media as a whole and cite experiences I have had with other companies. When you are not given something specific to talk about you just have to assume they want to hear an overview.

I recorded my talk with my iPhone in my shirt pocket. It sounds decent. I hope you take a moment to listen to it. Nothing that I share is breakthrough information. It’s more thought provoking. Since I had an audience of IT professionals from large area companies and IT students as well, I did my best to speak to both levels of my audience.

I enjoyed the experience and getting the chance to talk to such a dynamic range of people.

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