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All of the time I hear this… What is wrong with guys how come they are so dumb? Why do guys have to be that way? All guys are the same…

I just think there are people who fall into situations with the wrong people. In the worlds population of guys and girls both sides have their odd balls that just don’t do anything right. Just like my situation with my ex for those of you who know about it… I have my life together for the most part and she totally screwed me over. I’m am not really looking for someone right now but I always seem to attract the ones that bring drama and I mean always. The funny thing is that I do not seek them out they seek me out. It’s like I have a sign around my neck that says easy to take advantage of, or Hi I’m a door mat for you to walk all over… That is why I have given it all over to the Lord. He has someone out there that is perfect for me and in His timing I will meet that person. I’m an not perfect and I know that I have had my time in life where I might have been a little careless with feelings but over the last 4 years at least I have been on track in that area. Since I have started walking with the Lord again I have a much better understanding of what God calls men to “be” in a relationship with a woman.

What I often hear said when someone is complaining about a situation they are in or just got out of is that the “guy” screwed up or that “guys” just don’t get it. I like to hope that when those complaints are made that the term guy is not being used as a synonym for men. A Man is not a guy in my book. When I hear a complaint about guys it does not upset me because I am not a typical guy. A typical guy is what most girls want. A guy who has enough manners to get himself through a date or two, enough money in his wallet to pay for some beers, who not only financed his vehicle but the rims, lift kit and the stereo system. Oh not to mention while living at moms house. A guy is shallow and only gives females the time of day that dress provocative and meet that certain look that MTV tells him is cool. It seems that most girls do not look for the quality in a person they are just looking for a “look” they like. There is a lot more to a typical guy that I will not go into but that is what “girls” are interested in. A “Girl” in my opinion is a female who would date a guy cause she liked his car/truck, dresses the way she was brainwashed by MTV to find irresistible, finds Eminem hot, considers Redbook a guide to living, has what type of celebrity lover they are in their myspace, requires excessive attention or any other thing that just is not normal. Girls are not women. A woman is mature just like a man is mature. A real man and a real woman have opinions of their own that was not spoon fed to them by the TV and magazines. Real men and women are what this world has less and less of every day. Now if you are reading this and you like the Redbook and think Eminem is hot or you financed your whole ride including the pimping of it all on your minimum wage job and still live at moms house and are upset by what I have said then I’m sorry you feel that way. Grow up and get a reality check…

Incase you are wondering where all this came from, I am just tired of people stereotyping a gender based on their experiences… That’s all I have to say.

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  • Josh
    September 5, 2005 at 8:58 pm

    My friend, you hit the nail on the head…and I stand besides you in agreement…

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