Stop Hate

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New Shirt!!! Just off the press, or whatever…

The extra characters on both sides of the word hate represent the close tags of html web coding also known as “stop” or “end” tags. So basically the shirt means Stop Hate, or End Hate. Then a nice little ValCalNet.Com tag on the hip…

Im working on a online store for shirts so be on the lookout!!


  1. Hi Jerad, you could be a model. Ha. Ha. Nice tan on the arms.
    Good thing you explained the name on the shirt for those of us that don’t know computer tech language, etc.
    Nice job on the Special days web also.
    Great pictures of the snow.
    I also liked the comments about the lost 95%. It is so true.
    It happened to me too. I am glad that you did not stay lost
    to the world and its pull as long as I did. I only wish I had someone to model to me how I should have been directing my life. Praise God I know the difference now. May you always stay in God’s flock. Love, Mom

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