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Amazing Music From Artists In My Church

Big Valley Grace Worship

My love for music goes back to childhood. I have always immersed myself in music and even attempted at playing a few instruments myself during my high school years. I love to feel music, to get lost in it’s melody and beat. It helps me relax my mind and connect with a different part of myself that is often hard to find when I am in work/production mode. I constantly surround myself with new music. The more technical and dynamic the better.

The church I attend in Modesto, CA is truly blessed with some amazing talent. These people are extremely passionate about music and it is evident in their abilities that it is more than just music to them. I am fortunate enough to get to experience their gifts and passion just about every week as many of them lead worship at the church I attend. Some of these talented people have been posting some of their works to Soundcloud, which has made it available for me to enjoy as well. I thought it would be cool to post some of those songs for a couple of reasons.

The first reason being that the music these people create speaks truth. Music these days is very empty. Though the music itself may be catchy, the lyrics are dead. I often find myself seeking out instrumentals of certain songs because I like the music but can’t stand the lyrics. The songs I am posting below are a great composition of good music and lyrics that speak truth. Our world needs more of this.

The second reason is to express my appreciation to these people who produce their works and put it out there for us to enjoy. It is obvious that these people are more talented than most of the artists that get signed to major record labels every day, but that is not their passion or purpose. They work tirelessly each day to grow their gifts and talents to a new level and do not settle for contentment.

Scott Butler

Aside from having the dynamic and variable voice I have ever heard in public, this guy is a fantastic and humble person. I was even blessed by him so far as to have him sing at my wedding as my wife and I walked down the isle together as a married couple.

John Staub

I have not known this guy for long but he is growing on me quickly. His musical abilities and flexibility as an artist is amazing. He has brought a new dynamic of music and worship to our church which has been a great blend with the other amazing talent our church is blessed to have.

Chad Pippin

Perhaps one of the most talented guitarists I have ever seen, this guy can shred. Chad comes across to me as more fo a behind the scenes guy, even though he is on stage and leads songs often. His technical quality commands attention even if that is not his intention. Sometimes I just stand there and watch him work his guitar like a tool he truly and completely is in one with. Though I do not know him well, I have known Chad for many years and have seen him embrace several musical influences.

Big Valley Grace Worship

I can’t possibly play this song loud enough.

Check out “Shining Like the Stars,” a full length production of original music produced by the Big Valley Grace Worship Team. The full length album as well as another album titled “Here for You” are available in iTunes, Amazon or Google Play Music and to stream on Rdio or Spotify.

Timothy Dalrymple & Vanessa Frances Dalrymple

Though Tim is now leading worship with his wife up in Oregon, he was a huge part of the growth of the Worship Department at Big Valley Grace. I have watched his musical ability grow over the years as he has led various rolls in the worship team and bands that he has created or been a part of. Tim excels at multiple instruments which is just amazing to me. One week leading vocally on guitar and the next week ever so dynamic and precise on the drums. Also a very humble and discerning person. I do not know his wife Vanessa very well but I am familiar with her music. She has an extremely dynamic voice which brings words to life.

It’s impossible for me to list all of the musical talent that I have been blessed to encounter through the church I attend. Our church is pretty large, so it is hard to connect with everybody and know where to find their works and personal projects. Here are a few more names I hope to get to see some personal work from in the near future if that is even a direction they will potentially go. If not, it does not matter because they inspire me regardless.

Jared Lee – Guitar/Vocals
Stephen Douglas – Guitar/Vocals
Ben Miller – Guitar/Vocals

I know that I am forgetting names and people who’s musical gifts and talents have inspired me and taken my worship experience and my general experience of music to a higher level. I hope some of this music I have embedded in this blog inspires you or at the very least brings you some enjoyment.

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