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Six years ago I started a blog which turned into a top podcast

Daily App Show Logo

Daily App Show LogoI was an early adopter of the iPhone. I bought the first iPhone that Apple (AAPL: NASDAQ) made. I didn’t buy it on launch day, but I bought it a few weeks later. When Apple announced that it would allow developers to create apps that would run on their iPhone I was pretty excited. I knew that would open a lot of doors to bring technology to our hands and ultimately anywhere we go. When Apple announced that those apps would be sold in the same marketplace that music was being sold (iTunes), I knew that it would quickly become impossible to find good apps. Fast forward to today (2014) and I can say that was a spot on prediction. I am sure I tweeted about it at one point back then.

Daily App Show is a website and podcast that I started in early 2008 to help my friends find good apps. You had to download an app in order to try it. There was no other way to see what an app would do and to this day, unless you go to Youtube or the developers website, you still can’t. My plan was to review apps and put the videos up on Youtube for everybody to see. People could watch my videos on the app and hopefully that would help them decide if an app was worth their time. These days people will download an app even if it is $0.99 and try it. Back when the App Store launched, nobody wanted to risk it and a lot of people said that they doubt people would spend money on phone apps. So wrong they were!

DailyAppShow - Podcast - iTunes What's HotI started the website under the name, “The iPhone App Podcast.” The name has changed since then to Daily App Show. At that time, I did one video per day, hence the name. Now we post videos on several apps per day, tutorial videos, news, press releases and more. Daily App Show quickly became a source of revenue for me as I found ways for developers to get more exposure for their apps. As our audience grew, I continued to find new ways to get exposure for the videos we were creating. At one point, we were the #1 video podcast in two different technology categories in iTunes Podcasts. The technology categories are the most saturated podcast categories. Today, two of our podcast feeds hold a steady space in the What’s Hot section in iTunes.

Today, there are many websites doing what we do. There are even more Youtube channels. My goal with Daily App Show is still the same, “Create quality content that increases awareness for app developers.” Daily App Show has been able to achieve some pretty decent numbers. Here are just a few:

  • Youtube Channel: 8.1+ Million Channel Views, 11,300 Subscribers
  • Blip.TV Channel: 14.5+ Million Channel Views
  • AOL-ON Channel: 8.5+ Million Channel Views
  • iTunes Podcasts: 36+ Million Video Views

Daily App Show makes money but we put a lot of that money back into increasing exposure for the content we create. The DailyAppShow.Com website helps over 80,000 people each day find apps, learn how to use their device or answer a question they may have. We achieved this kind of traffic through content marketing. We have been creating content that people actually want since we started in 2008. That is the goal and will continue to be the goal of the site.

I am writing this just to showcase one of the projects that I started years ago that still to this day is performing well for me. I have set off to build many things, Daily App Show is one of those things that ended up working out. When you start something that helps people, and you do it well, it will grow. This “project” started out in the spare bedroom of my house and grew into something that helped me fund other projects and provide a comfortable life for my family.

If you are thinking about starting something, the best time to do it is now. If I had waited a few years to start this website, it would have been hard for it to grow. Since I started before anybody else was doing app reviews, I had a leg up on the competition.

Even with Daily App Show there has been a lot of trial and error. Trying to grow an audience and reach more people is hard. I have tried many things including a 24/7 live stream of our video content, which turned out to be a horrible idea. The key is to try things and measure their effect. Know when to kill the idea and move on to the next thing. Failing is ok; there is wisdom in it. Knowing when to kill something and move on is maturity, which takes time to achieve. Through all of my trials and errors I have learned a lot and that translates into knowledge I use to help consult other businesses.

In the coming months I will be releasing some free online courses that will help people start their online projects. I have been very passionate about this for a long time and have wanted to create some content for people who want to do what I did with Daily App Show.

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Studioten, Photography Website and a New Server

Jerad Hill

The last 2 months have been crazy. What am I talking about, the whole year has been crazy so far. My usual slow months of January through March were not slow at all. Last month I got the wild idea to actually open a studio. This is something I threatened myself with many times over the last few years but never went through with it. I finally found a decent location at a price that didn’t make me nervous. In the matter of a few days I had keys and lots of new ideas. We completely revamped the entire place, it was super gross. I decided to call it Studioten. It is named after the suite number, which is ten. Here is a short video of us painting.

My old home office is now my Wife’s crafty space. She has been making it her own and even posted a before and after over on her blog.

I recently contracted/hired a guy to help with some of my online projects. Ben is now in charge of video reviews over at DailyAppShow.Com. This takes a huge load off of my shoulders and will allow me to grow the site and focus on other projects. Ben works with me at Studioten handling the app video reviews and will be doing other video projects for clients of mine. The new studio really took a lot more time and effort to get up then I thought it would. I imagined doing half of what I ended up doing. Ben is working on a video that shows the rest of the process of us setting up the place.

My Photography website was getting out dated. I had not changed anything there in over a year and a half, maybe longer. I had been wanting to create a site that had large full width images on the home page so that is what I did. The focus is the photography, just like it should be. Take a look and let me know what you think. I wanted to do this design update last year but I didn’t have the time available.

I now offer videography services as well. Many of you know that I have a love for video and have some experience behind me in wedding videography. My main focus over the last several years has been Wedding Photography but have recently decided to expand to offering video as well. Because my team now includes more than just myself, I have the resources needed. Check out some of our wedding videography.

Earlier this month I taught a class on the Mac. I had been wanting to teach a class for quite some time but never had a place to do it. Now that I have Studioten put together I plan to do classes more often. At the Mac Class I had 18 people in attendance which is about all the room can hold. I am excited to put together more classes and even head up some think tank sessions with some of my favorite local ideas people.

I have also partnered with United Cerebral Palsy (UCP) on a few projects and have been doing some photography and video with them. If you get a chance to visit UCP’s Modesto Office you will see photos I captured all over their halls. It was such a fun experience and I can’t wait to do more with them in the near future.

The last big thing that has been going on lately is the migration of all of my websites to a new server. This includes my clients websites. I have been on the same server for over eight years. To be honest I am very surprised at how it has performed considering how old it is. Liquidweb has been amazing over the years with their support. I have had minor issues with that server considering that it runs 24/7 to keep my clients and my own websites live. The new server will go live early at the end of the week. This server is screaming fast compared to my old server. The need for an upgrade is due to an increase in traffic on a couple of the sites I host. If you are looking for great hosting I highly recommend Liquidweb.

What’s next?

Over the next few months I will be pretty busy with weddings but I also have some plans for DailyAppShow.Com that I have been wanting to roll out. I have a few class ideas that I would like to get working on and a podcast on Photography that is long overdue.

I had a feeling that 2011 was going to be pretty cool, so far it has not disappointed. It has not been an easy year, but I am enjoying the ride.

Liam will turn one year old on June 5th and my Wife will hit quarter-life at the end of May. Pretty darn cool!

Liam and Me
Liam and Mal

Guess who is in Men’s Fitness Magazine!

So I get this call from Men’s Fitness Magazine a few months ago asking if I am interested in talking about some apps. They told me that the article would be along the subject of love and romance (aka. sex). I thought, what the heck. I did a phone interview where I provided six apps that I knew about for the iPhone. Most of these apps I had already reviewed over at DailyAppShow.Com. Fast forward a few months and we have a cover page mention and 3/4 page article on apps featuring my website. Pretty cool!

In case you don’t subscribe to Men’s Fitness, check out the video.

Men's Fitness Magazine Jerad Hill DailyAppShow

Mens Fitness Magazine March 2011

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