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How to use Fourquare, Gowalla, Brightkite & Yelp to get More Business

Everybody is on Foursquare, Gowalla, Brightkite and Yelp, so where are you? These are great tools to spread the word about your business and help promote it.


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The Blogosphere

Blogs continue to gain popularity despite the social networks that keep popping up. Though Twitter has been a popular micro-blogging platform, people have more to express then what can be said in 140 characters or less. To give you an idea of what the blogging world looks like, here is a diagram explaining it.

Are you blogging? Share a link to your blog in the comment box below. I allow for links and will approve posts to your blog.


Actively Listening In Social Networks

I know that most of you have had it up to hear with people telling you how you can find business in the social networks but hear me out. If you listen for the right cues you will notice that people are asking for your help, they just don’t know it. We naturally want to help people. In real life it is awkward to interject our thoughts into a conversation we were not invited into. Online we have the opportunity to make suggestions through private emails or direct messages. Watch my latest video where I share thoughts and ideas on how to find referrals for yourself and other people in your contacts list through online social networks.

Jerad Hill is a personal brand strategist helping people get referrals online. For more videos from Jerad subscribe to the RSS feed or the iTunes Podcast!


Business Cards for the BNI Modesto Nooners

The BNI Modesto Nooners is a business networking chapter of the worldwide BNI. BNI stands for Business Network International. I have been a member of BNI for almost 4 years and I have never had to spend money on advertising. My BNI chapter is always on the look out for potential referrals for me as I am with them.

I wanted the card to be something that if found sitting on a table would beg a passerby to pick it up and take a look. I think this card does just that. This is the first Modesto Nooners business card.

BNI Modesto Nooners Business Cards

For more information about the Modesto Nooners visit their website:

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