Tahoe = Boring

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Yeah well right now I am in Lake Tahoe in my room at Harveys Hotel Casino. I came up here to help my friend bring a vehicle back to Modesto. We were just going to drive up here and then drive back but I contracted a headache on the way up and felt like getting something to eat and resting for a while. So Im sitting in the hotel room online cause there really is not anything to do here. My headache has been gone for a while. My friend gambles a little bit so he is doing that. Its all good with me though cause its all smokey down there and I cant handle that. I’m sure there are plenty of other things to do if I was into bars, drinking or whatever else but I just don’t have the desire to go look around, so bed is what comes next. I will be back in the late morning, we are leaving at 6am.

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