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Different Message, here is some tech info for you. I would like to help you keep connected as to what is going on in the world of tech as well. Let me know what you think in the form of a comment to this blog.

PodCast 11-27-05

Can you spot the Phish Attack??


Get FireFox 1.5

TextBook Revolution

Cool Google Maps

Mp3 Car

Internet Explorer plugin for Firefox

Video now on iPod Nano

Piece of tape defeats Sony DRM RootKit from installing

Cold water burns calories


  1. Oh, wow…now THIS is interesting…gee, it’s like a buffet of information! Very tasty…and SO cool! There’s something here for everyone! An entire smorgasbord! How thoughtful of you, Jerad. Indeed, you are an uncommon and extraordinary individual. I lift my glass (of icy cold water) to you! Now, I’m going to go see if I can order some free textbooks…thanks again and have a great day. Here’s a little offering from my little corner of the world:

    New Every Morning

    Every day is a fresh beginning,
    Listen my soul to the glad refrain.
    And, spite of old sorrows
    And older sinning,
    Troubles forecasted
    And possible pain,
    Take heart with the day and begin again.

  2. Ah…and here’s a nifty little link to add to the mix. Thinkin’ I might put this on my Christmas list…

    Just click on the various colors to for your grand tour of the “facilities”. Quite a little pod, huh? Transportable, too. Gee, those Germans think of everything…kinda pricey, though.

  3. Yeah…gives new meaning to the term “iPod”…Q: “what are you doing this weekend?” A: “Oh, my friends and I are going Podding”…this could be seen as even a new sport. Extreme podding. You’ve seen extreme ironing already, right? Don’t know about you, but it sure makes me feel more empowered, domestically-speaking…I mean if you can extreme iron, you’re capable of anything!

  4. What a concept… Extreme Podding, lets do this!!! Im gonna start working on it right away!

  5. Wow, thanks for sharing. I’m definately looking into some of those. Have an awesome week!

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