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After all my meetings this evening I went to the Fez Cafe downtown to check out this soloist that I have been talking to on myspace. He is a very exceptional guitar player and vocalist. I had been talking to him about a website and told him how I wanted to do a music video for one of his songs. So, I got to meet him tonight and we are going to discuss some stuff later this week. The last artist this evening was this 17 year old kid who was also amazing on the guitar. He played a John Mayer song so well I was amazed. I really want to go see John Mayer next month but it’s sold out. Oh well… Anyhow I was really excited cause I like acoustic music. Yeah so back to the main point I am really excited to do this music video. It will be such a fun project and I cant wait to finish it and see the reaction we get from it. I am also looking for a good Christian artist to help support. If anyone knows of someone who would like to do some media work with me shoot them my way…

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