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This made my evening!!!

This email I got on myspace from whom we will call “The Last Lady,” I have not asked her if it is cool to use her name so until then she remains as stated… I get so inspired by emails like this. I mean I was just expressing my views on relationships and my outlook on my own life, keep in mind this was at least a month ago and I get this cool email today. I mean God is just totally blessing me with so much support from my brothers and sisters. Check this out:

“I read your entry from July 4 in the Hardcore Christians Group and I really get where you are coming from because i have been going through some of the same things. I was about ready to give up on looking for someone and my pastor told me that i was looking in the wrong place. I need someone who has atleast the same amount of faith that I have. And not just some guy who says that he loves god around me and no one else. I mean I’m no where near perfect and I’ve still got a long way to go. NEways I would love to be friends with you it seems like we have a lot in common spiritually. ”

Amen to that. I guess sometimes I go out on a limb with some of my thoughts on life situations and how to deal with it. Sometimes I wonder if people agree or maybe Im just a complete morron. I hope I didn’t just spell morron wrong. I am not perfect, I have not seen it all yet and not had it nearly as bad as some others have but I do pay attention and if I feel passionate about something I am going to scream it out and see if anyone yells back!!! Oh and Denny’s was pretty good by the way!!!

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