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Thought Provoking? No just dumb..

The Very Deep, Thought-Provoking, Philosophical Survey
Random Acts of Deep-Thinking
What is your favorite color?:Green
Do you think that this has anything to do with your personality?:Yes
Do you wonder just how keen your dog’s sense of smell is when you pass gas?:Yes
To girls: Would you, indeed, go gay for Angelina Jolie?:Ehh…
Are you more inclined to use the term ‘movie’ or ‘film’?:Film
Do you feel that whoever uses the opposite of your above answer is a moron?:Sometimes
Does it worry you that you are taking this sad survey?:Yes
The World Around You
Is there something psychologically wrong with vegans?:Yes
Republicans?:No Its the only right thing to be.
Dr. Phil?:Yes
Johnny Depp’s character in ‘Pirates of the Carribbean’?:Never saw it.
The woman in the Ricola commercials?:Loud
Do You Find Fault…
In eating Ramen at least twice a day?:That can’t be good for you.
How about Chili-flavored Ramen for 3 months because your dad is on Atkins?:Hmm, better check the life insurance policy.
In having a normal body temperature not equivalent to 98.6..)
And to conclude:
Does every cloud in fact have a silver lining?:Not when its raining.
Isn’t it pretentious to ask if you believe in love at first sight?:Love at first sight is just confusion.
Do you?:No
What is the secret to personal happiness?:Jesus Christ
Are BooBahs transfixing, or is it just me?:Its Just you, whats a BooBah?
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You’ve been totally Bzoink*d

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