Thoughts on thoughts and remembering

I missed another day. Frustrating! I did however make up for it by writing this morning on my blog. Right now I am sitting on the couch while my wife is being crafty. I enjoy watching her make these projects. The pride she has in her completed projects is even more awesome for me to experience.

Liam was being so much fun earlier tonight. I would just grab him and toss him into our large bean bag chair. He would laugh and scream. His laugh is the best therapy. I am super excited to see him open presents this weekend. He little face is going to explode time and time again.

The last two days I made it to the gym. I felt great. With my Fitbit tracker I was able to achieve over 10,000 steps, two days in a row. Today, with no gym. Only 2000 steps, and I feel like a turd. I need to make the gym a huge priority even if all I do is get on the treadmill for an hour. I also need to train myself to eat less but eat more often. I ate at Greens Market today, which was awesome, but I was hungry two hours later. I lack the discipline it takes to have the food on hand that can help me stay healthy. My body feels so much better when I am fueling it well.

There is a new gym opening up down the street from my house. I think I am going to join it so I can just run down the road and go work out. The problem with my current gym is that it is far enough away not to go. Plus they close a little to early for evening workouts.

Right now I am writing on my iPad, typing on the screen. It is slightly awkward to type on a flat surface but I also notice that it is hard to write a lot. I feel like I have written over 750 words but I’m half way there.

I noticed something today. I am starting to get horrible at remembering things I normally would have been able to remember with ease. I need to get better at tracking my thoughts so I can sort them when I have the time. Then I have to make sure to sort them so I can make the best use of them later. With all of these apps available it should be easy.

My wife is so cute, she just knocked out this little blue puffball or craftiness and is so proud of it. I love that. Her face as she acknowledges her creativeness.

Even though there at are things I need to do more of and less of, I sure do love my life. I am blessed beyond understanding. I have the greatest wife, and a pretty awesome kid. I am so excited to see each new chapter start. Though having two kids sounds crazy and impossible, I thought the same thing before Liam got here and it only took minutes for me to forget about life with out him.

The last few days have just blown me away with how busy DailyAppShow has been. I know it is the end of the year and it is probably due to end of the year ad spending but it just reminds me of how important of a project it is to me. For how little I have done to promote it, it sure has been an awesome ride. I spent some time thinking about how I could increase value for my customers today. I have some ideas that I hope to be able to pull off during the first month of the new year.

Sean has been a pretty decent addition to my team. Being that he is my only employee, it I funny to call what I had before i hired him a team but I have always though of things in “we” rather than me. Though he is still figuring everything out, he is doing pretty great considering I give him little direction. I need to be better at communicating expectations. It’s a bad habit I have picked up over so many years of working alone.

Tomorrow is Friday and then its Christmas eve. I am glad to have this weekend to spend with family. I am ready to chill out and watch my family open their gifts. It will also give me s chance to reflect on how amazing this year has been.

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