Time and Small Cars

The last two days have flown by. It is almost as if they did not exist. I know that I was able to get things done at work but the day just ends and I have a lot more on my mind that I wanted to accomplish. There are only a few days left until Christmas and I have nothing wrapped. I gave my wife an early present that is really intended for both of us early so I would not have to wrap it.

As I mentioned before, I have been selling a lot of stuff lately. It feels good to get rid of things, especially when I get money for them. I shipped off my projector today, that felt good. I never use it and I would be better off with a small LED TV at the office instead of the 106″ projection system. I wish that I could bring my speakers home but I know Liam would ruin their finish by driving matchbox cars up and down them and perhaps coloring on them. That would be ok if the speakers were inexpensive.

The price of gas is killing me. It cost me $80 to fill up my truck today. When I turned my truck back on after filling up it said 290 miles to empty. $80 will only get me 290 miles in that truck. If I am pulling my trailer to the race track I am lucky if $80 gets 150 miles. If gas peaks $4.00 per gallon, I am going to buy a small pipsqueak car that gets good gas milage to get me to and from work. I will have to figure it out but I think that if I purchased a used car for cash and put basic liability insurance on it, I would come out ahead. Makes me wonder why I even have my truck. To be honest the only reason I have not traded it in for something more economical is because of having the trailer for going to the track. I may have to say goodbye to that as well. We will see how far I take this minimizing of life’s stuff.

Even though I get a little overwhelmed and tense around the holidays, I am actually excited for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Since I was born we have spent Christmas Eve at my Dad’s parents house in Escalon. Christmas Day was always spent at our house. When my parents divorced, Christmas Day was a little different. Every year, Christmas Day was usually somewhere different after I moved out of the house at 18. It makes me feel good to have it at my own house with my family. I really enjoy that.

I just posted my thought about getting a small car on Facebook and several comments about that have already shown up. It seems like many people are doing the same thing. The guy at Nissan who sold me our last two cars has been after me. He thinks I will come down and get a new car at the end of the year since that has been my track record with him for the last few years. I think that these dealerships don’t really care how long you have had your vehicle. Even at under a year they will work something out to get you into something new. They need to keep their numbers of new units up to keep their franchise I assume. Perhaps they will make me a good deal if I bring in the truck and the Pathfinder at the same time. I can get away with driving something smaller but Mallory has a hard time fitting what she needs for one child into the Pathfinder.

Liam fell today and smacked his head. He has been doing that a lot lately but this time it is red and raised. Poor kid is starting to look like he just started walking. The reality is that he was a better walked when he started a few months ago then he is now.

Today I started on a revamp of Dailyappshow. I am going to completely redesign the site and will also be redesigning the packages we offer. I have had the same pricing and add on items for years now. It is time that I change it up. I need to be more on top of making the most out of what I am offering to benefit my clients and myself.

Ok, so here we go Wednesday!

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