To the coast and beyond

I am writing this entry only an hour after writing my first. Partly because I feel like I am on a roll or a writing high after completing my first 750 words entry but also because I will be traveling to my wife’s Grandparents house in Aptos. We will be leaving in the morning around 9am and it will be a long day. I also do not want writing to get in the way of spending some time with Mallory’s family. I enjoy hanging out with her Grandparents, they are fun to talk to.

Liam has been a bit crazy the last few days. I think he is going through a period of growth and is requiring more sleep. Even though he needs more sleep, he still wants to stay up and do the same things he is used to. Mallory and I got him into a routine at a very young age which was good and bad. It was good because at just under 6 weeks old he was sleeping soundly through the night with out interruption. Though he is an excellent night sleeper, he also has issues when we keep him up to far past his bed time. He gets angry. It is actually kind of cute because he wants to go to bed. He calls out to us and says, “ny ny Momma” or “ny ny Dadda,” to whichever of us is in the room at the time.

Liam is such a fun kid. He has his moments like all kids where I want to throw him in a tub of cold water to shut him up, but for the most part he is awesome and I love being close to him. He is finally getting to that age where he likes to cuddle and be close, however he still likes his space. He is so much like me it’s scary. I always thought we developed our own way of doing things and reacting to things but I clearly see how much of that is handed down from our parents. I guess I have spent so much of my adult years crafting my own way of doing things that I forgot just how much like my parents I really am. Of course I have changed things and from a distance I appear nothing like them, but I am a lot like my parents. More than I would like to admit.

I have also started tracking my activity through out the day. I started by using the UP bracelet from Jawbone but I got rid of that due to how immature of a product it is. I quickly found the Fitbit device and fell in love with it’s website. It is more awkward of a device to wear being that it is a small pod you have to clip on or store in your pocket. It is not as easy to wear at night either. The most interesting data the device collects is your sleep patterns. I really like looking at that information and the graphs it produces.

This year has definitely been about growing and trying things. I have launched and killed more projects this year then I have in total. So many that I can’t even remember all of them. I am very excited about 2012 though. The ideas that I have kept around are going to be good. I can really see what I should have been doing all along. As I mentioned before, next year also needs to be about learning. I want to introduce new assets into my life. I feel that I could become better at what I am already doing but some of those things are getting old with me. Though they are still producing fruit, I need to grow and continue to move. I used to think I would find one thing and do it for the rest of my life but I am now learning that I will probably have a completely new thing in my life every 5 years. For me it is a journey of growth and continuous learning. I just like it that way and I am thankful that God allows me to live that way.

As I prepare mentally for a weekend away leaving behind a host of things I need to be working on I am excited at the same time. I plan to rest and recharge so I can attack Monday with everything I have. This week needs to be as productive as possible.

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