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Tune your heart

Worship tonight was awesome. After the first song, Ted, our churches worship leader did something really cool. You remember the pentatonic scale right? The five notes that you sing to warm up your voice. So we started off singing halleluiah at five different pitch levels. Then Holy at five different levels, faithful and halleluiah again. The last two times he said now really get in tune with God while you sing these words. No joke on the second octive of halleluiah I got chills. Then we started worshiping again and it was so awesome. I mean really how are we mentally right when we get to church? We rush in to get a seat, say our hellos and sit down. Then we jump up and start singing. We start singing but are we really singing to Him? It takes a few songs just to get the day off your mind and switch into worship mode right? It was really cool to take a few minutes as Ted put it, Tune our hearts to God…

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