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Welcome and thanks for visiting my twitter profile page. Deciding to add someone to your stream of information or influence should not be taken lightly. Unlike the twitter profile page limit of 160 characters, I thought it would be great to give you an opportunity to learn more about me before you consider following me: @jeradhill.

Hashtag #JeradHill

  • I am an educator who loves to share what he has learned through his experience as a small business owner. (View my courses on Udemy.Com)
  • I am the President and Lead Designer at Hill Media Group.
    I found and operate niche online properties such as StateOfTech.Net.
  • I am a wedding and portrait photographer and videographer –
  • I am a Blogger and Podcaster who writes original content for StateOfTech.Net, HillMediaGroup.Com and on my personal blog, JeradHill.Com
  • Most importantly I am a follower of Jesus, husband and father of two awesome boys and a baby girl.

How I use Twitter

  • To share thoughts and inspiration with others.
  • To teach best practices, I have learned through experience.
  • To learn from people I respect and discover new people
  • To stay relevant with what the community is currently interested in.

My Follow back policy: I manually follow back each person or company that is in alignment with my interests and is providing value on Twitter. I want my feed to be full of valuable content. This should also be your goal.

How I do not use Twitter

  • To spam my followers with irrelevant links, advertisements or gimmicks.
  • To follow as many people as I can.


You can find out more about me and my core personal values by visiting my about page located at

Learn about my personal and professional goals on my Impossible List:

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