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Waste of a day…

Yeah so I went to LA yesterday to take a trailer full of inventory from my shop to a customer who was buying me out. It was a 6 1/2 hour drive with traffic and all to get there. Then when we got there we had to wait for 6 hours while he tried to find someone to watch his store so he could go get money. So 6pm rolls around and finally the money is there. He already knew what was in all the boxes since he was the one who told me what to bring. I have brought him stuff before in the past and he has had no problem with anything. So all the sudden he starts going through everything saying what am I going to do with this or how will I sell so many of these. I was like hey you wanted me to bring it so I dont know, if you dont want so many take what you need and I will take the rest back with me. So after unloading everything and going through all the boxes he decided that he does not want anything. I could not believe what I was hearing. I drove 375 miles to deliver stuff to this guy, waited 6 hours in his smelly shop and now I was going to have to drive 375 miles back with the trailer still full. I didnt even want to pull the trailer that full with my poor truck in the first place. Cause the trailer was heavy I had to fill up the tank twice each direction and it takes $50 to fill my truck up with gas. So total cost for yesterday including meals equals about $250. What a day… We didnt get back until 2am. I trusted this guy down there cause he is a preacher and always seemed truthful with me but who can you really trust anymore?? I am ok though cause I know that God does not close a door with out opening up another one. It is a set back and descouraging but what can you do? Well on a more positive note I start working with the Jr High group church this weekend, that will be fun. I cant wait… Now Im off to run some errands, pray for a better day!!!

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