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We Drove The Nails…

So I made a new friend on myspace today and it caught me off gaurd cause when I saw her headline it said, “We Drove The Nails.” I was like wow that is deep. It is so true even though it’s a hard way of looking at it. I am always thinking about Jesus as the one who died on the cross so we could be forgiven. It’s rare for me to think about the actual fact that He did die for my sins. I know it, and I can say it but to actually think about it in depth just convicts me further. Because I am a sinner I am a contributing factor to the death of Jesus Christ. Is it not so amazing that God’s plan was to send His child to the cross so that all we would have to do when we sinned is just call out His name and say, I’m sorry Lord. I am so greatful for that and so blessed in how God places these little messages, or certain people around in my life for me to see that remind me of just how much grace was given to me.

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