We Fight!

Put two people in a room and eventually, they will fight about something. Each of us fight a different way and for different reasons. Some forms of fighting can even be healthy in a relationship. Some people get loud and make a scene while others are more subtle. My wife and I are definitely more subtle with our fighting. We don’t get in each other’s face, we say things in passing. Nobody agrees on everything, so when you are in a relationship, it is important to learn how to deal with conflict in a healthy way. Thankfully for me, my wife and I tend to let things go easily. We don’t hold on to a grudge or rarely if ever dig our feet into the ground over something.

Our church has a speaker coming to talk on the subject of healthy fighting. My wife and I are pretty excited about this.

My small group decided we would film a couple of situations we find ourselves arguing over. Below are four of the short video clips we came up with. Maybe some of you can relate to these situations.

We fight about how we wash the dishes:


We fight about leaving the lights on:


We fight about coming inside with dirty shoes:


We fight about leaving laundry out:


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