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wget permissions error

Before I start, just to not confuse many of you who come here from time to time. I program web applications and sometimes I come across issues which I find solutions to. Im going to start blogging about them so my solutions can be searched by people with like issues happening during their programming.

So while trying to transfer a tar root backup from one server to another using the wget protocol I got this error. “/usr/bin/wget: Permission denied”

I searched around online to find no solution. I am using a mac but the server is a linux box running on CentOs4. Come to find out, some how the permissions on wget were wrong. Funny how they worked just fine the other day. So I logged in to root and reset the permissions. If you do not have root access you can just contact your host provider and have them reset permissions for the wget program. Now it works just fine.

For those of you who want to know more about how to use wget on your server it is easy. Once you have tar’d the files you want to backup using:

tar -csv filename.tar ./

You can go to your new server, navigate to the directory you want that file to be copied to and enter:


Then unpack the file using:

tar -scp yourfile.tar

At this point you should check the file permissions to make sure they are all in tact. Do this by entering:

ls -la

If the owner or group is wrong you can type this to fix all the files:

chown -R ./

Hope this helps…


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