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What a Friday

Today was a long day unlike yesterday which flew by. As of right now 11:45pm I am at my office downtown working on Kurts computer that has had nothing but problems this month. I built him this pc and thank goodness its the hard drive and nothing I did, haha. I never have problems with any of the computers I build. This computer of his keeps having hard drive issues, I know its because of the way things are installed and configured onto it but thats ok… So cause Im a nice guy Im down here fixing it for him, windows setup is running right now as I type this. Yeah I could really use some frozen yogert if anyone is up and about, lol. Today was a decent day over all. I went to a friends bday party earlier today, it was Fear Factor style bday! Sounds exciting huh, well it was a lot of fun. They wanted me on Team America’s side cause Im pretty good with a bowstaff. Anywhoo, Im going to finish up this install and then go home to my nice big bed… Hope you all had an awesome Friday night!

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  • austinsmom
    August 27, 2005 at 3:29 pm

    mmmmm….frozen yougurt that sounds sooooo good right now. Hahahahaha So it that one of your skills that gets all the ladies. 😉

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