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Why Pre-Marital Sex is Bad

Want to know why pre-marital sex can be so damaging? Because it’s a bad imposter for love. How do you start a fire? If you take kindling and spread lighter fluid all over it and light it, it looks like a roaring blaze . . . but it goes out in seconds. Well, that’s premarital sex. It just looks like love. You can say, “I love you.” You can promise all kinds of things in the midst of passion, but the fire will go out. To build a fire right, you need deep embers . . . embers that glow red and hot. How do you get those embers? Tenderness, morality, holiness, kindness, devotion, honesty, companionship, forgiveness. That’s how you build the deep embers that will bring you true joy in your marriage.

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  • Christine
    November 30, 2005 at 1:15 pm

    Wow…virtue is alive and well…thank you very much! I was beginning to wonder if it had reached extinction. And you’re right…it’s that slow burning, smoldering ember that endures forever. Very timely advice these days.

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