Why You Should Be Online Talking About Everything

People often ask me why I am on all of these social networks talking about my life and what I do professionally all day. The answer is simple. When people think about photography or website design I want them to be thinking about me. In today’s podcast I talk about why you should be on Twitter, Facebook, Myspace and other social networks talking about your day to day.


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  • Jason
    February 3, 2009 at 12:02 am

    I agree that an online presence is by far one of the most important assets any professional can have.
    But, tell me this. When you look at the majority of posts, comments and even the overall “theme” that is more often that not associated with myspace do you feel your professionalism and or image could take a hit. I myself have not seen your myspace page and am sure it is way more that a few notches above the normal teenage “look at me” page. But, in my experience the reputation that myspace has gained could only cause harm to ones professional reputation.
    Have you ever noticed any negativity stemming from your activity on any social nets?

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