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Here it is, your chance to win a Send Out Cards Account! I am giving away 5 Send Out Cards Accounts preloaded.

Using Send Out Cards you can send out 5 cards FREE. This account has no limitations so you can choose any one of the 10,000 cards available and send a card to anywhere in the world! Send Out Cards has allowed me to communicate in a unique way to my clients and customers. I am able to non-obstructively contact them to solicit new business. If I hear of a milestone that has been made in the business of one of my past clients I always send a card of congratulations. I send cards to new businesses in my area and so much more. It’s an inexpensive and unexpected way to communicate. Everybody loves getting a card in the mail. With Send Out Cards you can even have a personal font created using your handwriting.

Enter to win, just leave a comment below.



  1. I am feeling lucky since this is my bday week!

    Hope I win!


  2. Wow! Are you kidding? Free Send Out Card Account?? Yeah, I’m thowing my hat in this ring…!

    Thanks Jerad for the excitement – –

    Pick meeeeeeeeee.


  3. Nice way to keep in touch with customers
    make them feel a personal touch, instead of just
    “another” customer ~
    Hope I am one of the lucky ones
    Thanks, Sharon

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