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Wow… is all I can say.

About this time last week and through out the rest of the week I pretty much thought I was the only person who cared for what was going on in the lives of the guys and gals with in Xrds. All I have heard about was how we need to reach out to others and be a part of our community. Do not get me wrong I believe that being a part of our community is important, in fact it is really important. Here is my point. This last Sunday we talked about how 95% of the people who are with in the age range that attends Xrds do not go to church. Why is that? What are they doing? Why is the percentile of non attenders so much higher then that of high school aged ministry? Let me ask another question… At what age is life most difficult as far as growth as an individual? At what age does a person go through pretty much their biggest transformation? That would be the age when people are going from being a kid to being an adult. Having adult responsibilities and making those kind of decisions. People have a lot more freedom then when they were in high school and are learning about a lot of other things the world has to offer as well as exploring them. When I was age 19 that was when I started exploring a lot more of what the world had to offer.
I used the fact that I did not feel like I fit in well at the church I was going to as an excuse to see what I was missing out on in the world. I had never been to a party before, well the kind of parties that are referred to as “parties.” Like, “where’s the party at?” That’s what Im talkin’ about. I got into that and kissed my relationship with God goodbye. I never intended on leaving God out of the picture but I got consumed in my life and what I wanted and God became a memory. I was one of those 95% that was not going to church.
We have pre 95%ers all around us. People who are struggling in the world, having a hard time with life. People we should be loving on instead of pushing to go reach out. We are ignoring the struggles people go through on a daily basis and concentrating on making a difference in the world. How can we make a difference in the world when we have so much hurting going on in our own lives? We are called to be deciples and to make deciples with in our community but when there is struggling going on in our own lives should we not get right with that first? What good will a hurting soul do for a lost soul? I mean even those who are considered spiritually mature enough to deciple are hurting in their own ways to but Im talking about struggles, like with alcohol, drugs, and other sin that really hurts a soul. There are a lot of people dealing with that right now and even more who are on the edge of considering them as an option…
Ok, I kind of went off there but what I meant to say from the start is that I noticed that a lot of others notice it as well and it was a real encouragement to see that I was not the only one. Sometimes I get a little over excited about something and others do not share in my thoughts. I was corrected tonight because I expressed that I have a passion for the souls of the people in Xrds who are struggling. A passion is something that is externally driven. I have no reason to be externally driven to care for these people. It is not benefiting me in any way and nobody is telling me to care. Compassion is what I have because it is internally driven, coming from my heart because I truly mean it when I say that I get upset and sad when I see God’s sheep just wandering around on their own walking into the wolfs traps left and right. I can tell you this, if I had not gone through the things I have in life I know I would not have compassion for these people and Im sure I would not even care about being a part in what goes on at Xrds. This is why I thank God every day for working in me the way he did and for giving me a desire to use my past struggles to help with struggles people are having today. Nobody needs to go down the roads I went down. I would not wish it on anybody.
I can see that people have noticed the lack of people that are available to be there for these people. I know their hearts are there, these people I met with tonight and yesterday evening as well. I know they feel the way I do, though some of them might not realize the size of the issue. It is nice to know that more of us are on the same page or at least the same chapter then I thought before. I am very glad to be a part of this group and very excited to see God has planned this year.
Thanks to all of you who I met with over the last two days and for your encouragement. You all are worth more to me then you even know, which upsets me a bit cause I know that I should have shared with all of you this already but hey, Im not perfect…
God bless and good night!!…

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