Xrds tonight…

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Tonight we had a guest speaker. A missionary family from our church spoke and I hope I never forget the main point Stacey made during his talk. He said that there are so many “Lost” Nations out there and he referred to is as how it would be if he lost his child. He would call out his childs name in hopes that he was heard and his child would find him. My mind started wondering about all of the chances I have had just locally to share the truth with people and I have let them remain lost. Joel, the Jr. High director I work with at Big Valley just got back from Korea and he has shared a lot about how awesome it was to be there. It really makes me want to go for it. Take a few weeks and go to Korea or some where else for that matter and spend some time there doing God’s work. How awesome would that be… If you have time, add the Xrds Podcast to your iTunes so you can listen to Stacey’s message. The Xrds Podcast is available at http://xrds.net

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