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Yahoo Again, err…..

Ok, the other day I was mad at Yahoo cause they sucked my advertising account dry in one day. Well I got a hold of them and they corrected it. So I go check my online banking to see if the refund had posted to my account and what do I see? Two more $90 charges!! Now I only had like $20 in that account before they made those first few charges and now more. I don’t even know how the heck BofA is letting the charges go through. So anyhow, that account is like way overdrafted but I told BofA about it so they know whats up and I filed a claim with them to get those reversed. I think these companies like Yahoo just do this to customers because for every 10 people they do this to, there are probably 2-3 people who don’t really notice or bother to call back. Oh well, no use complaining huh… Wow, gas is going up fast huh. Somebody sent me a picture of a gas station in Lousiana, $6.25 per gallon, thats insane.

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