You Know You Are Used To Being Married When…

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I have almost been married a year now, April 4th will be a full year. There have been many things my wife and I have both had to get used to being that both of us have never lived with someone else before. She had a brother but I didn’t have any sisters, so living with a girl is a whole new experience. I can now honestly say that I am used to being married and having a woman in the house because it did not phase me when I went to grab my hair brush and there were tampons laying on top of it. Something like that would have freaked me out a year ago, or even 6 months ago. Not sure why, I guess it’s just the principle. Anyone else have any funny things they had to get used to?



  1. First is the freeking out. Then being ok with it. Then liking that your ok with it. It’s even cute. Then it gets old fast and you relize they have taken over and nothing about your home is manly anymore. Have a couple of kids and absolutly nothing is yours anymore. Your balls sit in a jar on her nightstand and you can’t go near them ever again. 🙂
    Enjoy it while you can.

  2. Just be sure you check your toothpaste out when she becomes several months pregnant and has hemoroids. You might just find some preperation H. in the cabnet next to the toothpaste.

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