4 Points to an Empowered Life

empowermentWhen I read, listen to podcasts, attend seminars and talk to personal coaches the term empowerment always comes up. Whether it be empowering ourselves or others the word seems to be on the tongues of many. I recently attended the GiANT Impact Seminar led by John C. Maxwell and all of the speakers mentioned the word. I typically take a lot of notes and this seminar was no exception. The speakers were top leaders in our World today and they had some real gems to share with us. If I had to boil down many of the good points made at this seminar to four points here is what they would be.

1. Be Self Aware
Know who you really are. We all have an idea of who we think we are but it is not always the way others see it. Get some 3×5 cards and give them to your friends. Tell them to write down the first 10 words they can think of that describe you.

2. Have Clarity
Get clear about what you really value and stick to them. Post them on your wall, your website, your business card. Make sure they are visible and most importantly that you stay accountable to them.

3. Get Motivated
Find out what motivates you and what drives that motivation. Surround yourself with what motivates you to accomplish goals.

4. Have Support
Build a support team around you. Ask friends, family or co-workers to hold you accountable and check in with you. Give them permission to put you in check if they see you are getting away from your goals or values.

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