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Sunday Dispatch – Issue #1

What is this?

I know it’s frustrating to receive emails out of the blue. This is completely my fault as you did signup at one of my sites and I failed to send you anything for your efforts. Before hitting Unsubscribe, please take a moment to read about why I am sending you this. If you prefer to be removed from this list, the link is at the bottom of the email. No hard feelings 😇😇

So what is changing?

I have a variety of projects that I contribute to including State of TechDitch AutoLearn with JeradHill Media Group, my own personal blog, and social networks. Across these platforms, there has been no consistency. I definitely have shiny object syndrome when it comes to ideas and projects, which is why I am consolidating.

What exactly does that mean?

Well, it means that I am merging some things, starting with email lists. Nothing will change names at the moment, all of my projects will remain the same. I just desire to provide value and I hope you decide to come along. You may be a client of mine, a friend, family member, viewer of my YouTube videos, or a student of one of my courses, my desire is to inspire or motivate you. We all need as much of that as we can get, right?

What’s Next?

I do my best to stay connected to what’s going on in marketing and technology. I am also very interested in personal growth and development. Personally, I have done a lot of work towards the end of my 30’s and professionally I have doubled down in the areas I know I provide the most value; anything else, I have stopped doing.
The mission of this newsletter is this: To share and inspire what I believe brings value.

I will always lead with value and avoid anything that will waste your time. The fact that you trusted me with your email address and are still reading at this point means the world to me. I value your time and want to be a resource to you.

What will that look like?

Those of you who watch my YouTube videos know my sign-on: “What’s up, it’s Jerad…” So for now, I am going to call this weekly email, “What’s Up Weekly.”

It will come in the form of a weekly email that will briefly touch on a couple of topics. In that email, I will also share anything interesting I come across that week that I believe would be valuable for you to know.

You can expect to see things like this in the future “What’s Up Weekly” emails:

  • Insights into the latest in personal technology such as smartphones, gadgets, and computers.
  • Inspiring Quotes from something I recently read or listened to that resonated with me.
  • Recap and link to an article or podcast I think you’ll find interesting.
  • A recap of recent content I have created.

This email might not be for everyone, and I totally understand if you need to unsubscribe. If you do, consider staying connected or connecting with me on social media (Links: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Linkedin)

How will it evolve?

Everything changes and this weekly email will change as I get feedback from you. Each email will include a question or a challenge that I hope intrigues and motivates you.

Let’s Go!

I’m excited to get started. One of my personal goals is to challenge myself to do something for 30-days as a way to make or break habits.

This month I have cut out alcohol and I will talk about that more in a video soon.

What’s something you have always wanted to challenge yourself to do? It could be something simple or a big feat. Reply to this email and share that with me.

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You made it to the end. I know I already appreciated you for getting through some of the email but it really does mean a lot to me. We have too many messages bombarding us these days. I will do my best to make sure this is one you look forward to.

Before you go, do this one thing for me, reply to this email and share with me one thing you are thankful for.

Be Blessed!

Jerad Hill

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